Aerospace and Defense

Sector Highlights

  • Century long tradition and reputation in the aviation industry
  • World class aviation workforce
  • Close relations with countries anticipated to have the highest growth in aviation over the coming decades
  • Competitive operational and overhead costs combined with ideal position for servicing growing markets

“From what we saw we are deeply ‎impressed about the capabilities developed in-country and the activities being performed by the Serbian aeronautical industrial base.”

Marco Miklis, VP, Airbus Group International

Sector Overview

The aviation industry in Serbia prides itself on having one of the longest traditions in Europe, both in the field of military and civil aviation, with first developments in this field dating back in 1910 and production of first airplanes and supporting aviation equipment and armament starting in early 1920s. Also, Serbia was among the first 10 countries to sign the International Air Transport Convention.

Aeronautical industry has always been of great importance for Serbia, with a constant tendency towards development of its own aircraft. Through more than 100 years of existence, Serbian aviation used about 750 different types of aircraft in the number of over 9,000 copies, of which 247 types were of domestic design or production. Today, Serbia’s aviation industry tradition is matched by only 15 other countries in the world. It employs mostly high skilled labor, and has capabilities in every stage of production of aircraft – from design and engineering to testing, maintenance, and repair services.

Aircraft and aircraft components made in Serbia are present in all major markets, and Serbian engineers and machinists are highly sought after by world’s leading aerospace companies. Small-sized companies in Serbia are developing machined and composite parts for international aerospace companies, while world-renowned schools and universities are producing highly capable engineers, pilots, machinists, mechanics and other aviation staff. Also, Serbia is a regional leader in the field of defense industry that is experiencing expansion in the last few years. 

In 2013, Serbia entered into strategic partnership with Etihad Airways forming the Air Serbia, after reorganization and rebranding former national air carrier Jat Airways, aiming to reconfirm its regional leadership in civil air transport.