The second Meetup organized within the GROW Pilot Project

Feb 12, 2019

On 6 February 2019, the second Meetup was organized in Novi Sad within the GROW Accelerator Pilot Project. The event was organized by the Business Incubator Novi Sad and the Development Agency of Serbia, and the main guest and lecturer was Juan Carlos Morales, a renowned Bootstrap expert from Colombia.

Juan Carlos Morales gave a lecture on "Bootstrapping Marketing for Startups" and answered questions from marketing, new technology development, expansion of social networks and business startup. Mr. Morales also presented his personal experience in starting a business, the obstacles he faced, as well as the most important channels for promotion and the importance of partner support at work.

The Pilot Project GROW Accelerator is implemented by the Development Agency of Serbia in cooperation with the Business Incubator Novi Sad. GROW Pilot Project is implemented within the Project “Developing accelerators to provide better access to innovation finance for SMEs – ACCELERATOR” financed by the European Commission, within the Danube Transnational Program.

The overall objective of the ACCELERATOR Project is to improve access to financial resources for innovation by improving the institutional framework and relevant policy instruments through the development of practical solutions for acceleration services.

The next Meetup within the GROW Pilot Project will be organized on 13 February 2019 in the Business Incubator Novi Sad, with Grigoris Chatzikostas as the guest lecturer.