Strategic investment opportunities for the PR China and Hong Kong

Jun 18, 2019

Representatives of high delegations of the People's Republic of China and Hong Kong spoke with representatives of the Government of Serbia and leading Serbian companies about infrastructure projects and potentials for strengthening cooperation in the future.

During the three-day visit to Belgrade, a joint business delegation of the People's Republic of China and Hong Kong discussed investment and cooperation opportunities in Serbia. Within the visit, special business sessions were organized to introduce guests from the PRC and Hong Kong to potential business partners in our country.

Nemanja Jevtovic, a Senior Associate for Strategic investment at the Development Agency of Serbia, presented to the delegation's members an economic perspective and investment opportunities in Serbia, while representatives of leading Serbian companies spoke about their infrastructure projects.

Moreover, Jevtovic emphasized that the strategic priority of the Serbian Government and the Development Agency of Serbia is to encourage and implement all private initiatives and investment projects which will create new jobs and foster a new economic environment.

 "This delegation and visit are very important, as important as any previous visit, due to the fact that every visit of this type serves to form a single cluster- from one side an infrastructure investment, and cluster which involves private initiatives and those investment projects that will stimulate and boost our economy“, said Nemanja Jevtovic.

He stressed that the People's Republic of China has been experiencing serious growth in highly sophisticated industries over the last 10 to 15 years and the logical consequence is that we also see tremendous progress in these industries, such as that in the IT industry, an industry that involves high value-added, Shared Service centers and all digital transformation centers.

“More and more companies are coming and setting up production plants in our country, looking for the opportunity to bring high value through an industrial plant followed by research and development processes, and employment of young talents of Serbia, who are more present and looking for such opportunities to prove themselves in country and world. In this context, we can certainly expect the continuation of this historic opportunity for cooperation between our countries, with the aspiration to bring and make new investments, ”Jevtovic said.

At the working lunch with representatives of the Hong Kong Trade Development Council it is concluded that economic cooperation between countries is on a very good level, and not only when it comes to infrastructure, but also when it comes to trade, services, and tourism, there is a great potential to expand cooperation.

As part of this mission, 70 investors and business experts from the PRC and Hong Kong visited Serbia.