Possibilities of entrepreneurial infrastructure development in eastern Serbia

Apr 23, 2019

The conference “Possibilities of entrepreneurial infrastructure development in eastern Serbia” was organized in Zajecar by the Regional agency for development of eastern Serbia, on the 16th  April. The conference gathered around 40 participants from the private sector, relevant national institutions, local authorities, business support organizations, development organizations, experts, donor institutions, international projects, embassies etc.

Goal of the conference was presenting the importance and examples of entrepreneurial infrastructure in eastern Serbia, including the analyses of existing entrepreneurial infrastructure and business organizations and associations.

On behalf of RAS, Ms. Ana Zegarac, director of Sector for international cooperation, was one of the speakers at the conference. In her speech, Ms. Zegarac talked about the examples of support of RAS to the enhancement of entrepreneurial infrastructure in Serbia, importance of association of business entities and making links between private sector and R&D organizations. In addition, to previously mentioned, Ms. Zegarac highlighted the importance of aims and results of “RI2integrate” project from Danube Transnational Program, which is oriented towards the conference topics.

Representatives of following organizations also took an active role at the conference:

  • IPA Program of business incubators development, Ministry of economy,
  • Technical faculty Bor,
  • Youth center Timok,
  • USAID Competitive economy project,
  • Food Hub-Desing company.

Besides presenting the good practice examples of entrepreneurial infrastructure from neighboring Croatia, representatives of Regional agency for development of eastern Serbia also announced the creation of “Analyses of possibilities of entrepreneurial infrastructure development in eastern Serbia”.