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 Nature Park Mokra Gora




Nature Park "Sargan - Mokra Gora"  is located about 210 km from Belgrade and 290 km from Nis and it borders with the National Park "Tara". The nearest towns are Višegrad (25 km), Bjelovar (37 km), Užice (45 km) as well as attractions like  Zlatibor (40 km), Sirogojno (56 km), Zlatarsko jezero (73 km) and the Special Nature Reserve "Uvac" (115 km).

Mokra Gora is well known for its tourist attractions and breathtaking nature surrounded with valleys and gorges of the White and the Black Rzav and the Kamiška River.

While filming the “Life is a Miracle”, moive director Emir Kusturica was so enchanted by the beauties of Mokra Gora that he decided to come to live here, build a unique village and start a film festival Kustendorf that takes place every January.

At that time of the year, Mokra Gora is the perfect destination for skiers as the ski resort “Iver” is located only 10 km up the hill from Drvengrad. New modern ski center is fully equipped for spending a perfect day out in the snow: four ski tracks, ski lifts and artificial snow system.

Nevertheless, the most beautiful way to experience this lush landscape is to take a train ride on old “Ćira” on the “Sargan Eight”, a truly unique narrow railway track.


8-shaped railway cuts through steep and rocky landscape and passes through 22 tunnels and crosses over a dozen of bridges, making passengers unaware of having crossed this unusual winding track from Mokra Gora to Šargan. Due to a number of bridges and tunnels, and the rise of 18 per thousand, Sargan Eight is one of its kind in Europe. 

Numerous rare animal species found their home in these forests: Capercaillie, Short-toed Snake Eagle, brown bear, wolf and wild cat are just some of them.

Mecavnik - Drvengrad

The cultural-tourist complex Drvengrad is situated on top of the hill Mećavnik, at the foothills of which is the village of Mokra Gora. The creator of this unique ethnic settlement is Emir Kusturica, who gained the inspiration for his unusual project while filming the movie "Life is a Miracle" in Mokra Gora. The construction of Drvengrad followed the idea of a perfect life beyond everyday routine, abandoned into the magic of nature and the call of tradition, keeping in the same time the links with the current moment. 

Authentic Old Vlach log cabins of this region were used to build Drvengrad. Many of them, several hundreds of years old, were deserted and exposed to the ravage of time.

The square "Diego Armando Maradona" is paved with wooden cubes and with cut wooden railway sleepers. From the square, one can go to the house and the library of Emir Kusturica, to the log cabins offering comfortable accommodation to the guests, to the subterranean cinema "Stanley Kubrick", the library "Meša Selimović", the gallery "Kapor", the souvenir shop "Aska", the national restaurant “Lotika", the candy shop "Kod Ćorkana", and the sports centre "Prokleta Avlija".

Drvengrad is a place of many cultural events and the gathering place of numerous famous artists and athletes from all over the world.

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