Highlights of the Month

University of Belgrade among the best universities in the world

University of Belgrade remained at the prestigious Shanghai list – Academic ranking of world universities with the position among Top 300 academic institutions. First appearance at the Shanghai list University of Belgrade had in 2012. Ranking depends mostly on the number of published scientific research documents, the impact on science, quotations and impact of universities in the region. Being on this list is a matter of prestige, because it includes only two percent of universities worldwide.

First on the Shanghai list for 2015 is Harvard, the thirteenth consecutive year, followed by Stanford, MIT, Berkeley, Cambridge and Princeton. In Europe, the best is Swiss Federal Institute of Technology, which was 20th on the list, followed by the University of Copenhagen and the University "Pierre and Marie Curie" in Paris, which are the 35th and 36th.

German Leoni AG expands its production in Serbia

Based on the Contract between Government of Serbia and Leoni, signed on August 5th, German company will start third project in Serbia - the construction of two new production facilities and the employment of new workers in Prokuplje and Doljevac. The Leoni will invest EUR 22 million.

Leoni has been operating in Prokuplje and Doljevac since 2009, as part of the Germany-based LEONI AG, producer of car cable sets.

The same day, Government of Serbia signed an agreement with the company Sinterfus, which deals in casting non-ferrous metals. In the factory based in Uzice, they will invest EUR 2.5 million and employ 100 workers in the next three years.

The company is a member of the King LTD Group and, in addition to Serbia, it operates in Israel, USA and Turkey, while its main markets are Australia, Middle East, EU states, Israel and USA.

Tibet Moda to open factory in Cuprija 

Turkish garment producer Tibet Moda signed an agreement with the Municipality of Cuprija, on August 4th, on the starting the production in Cuprija. The factory will work in the rented part of the former graphics company Mladost, while the investment will worth around EUR 1 million.

The factory will start working by late September and initially employ 250 workers. The number will reach 600 next year, and by the end of the third year, as it is announced, there will be a total of 1,000 workers.

Tibet Moda was founded 25 years ago, and it specializes in the production of woven clothes.