Free Zones

You are welcome to use all the benefits that free zones in Serbia offer such as an exemption from the VAT for income generated through commercial activities 


As an additional benefit for companies to streamline their operations, many municipalities offer the possibility of operating within designated industrial zones. Such zones offer advantages such as a streamlined process for obtaining land, favorable geographic locations and ready-to-use infrastructure. Currently, fourteen of those industrial zones are also licensed free customs zones: Pirot, Subotica, Zrenjanin, FAS Kragujevac, Sumadija Kragujevac, Sabac, Novi Sad, Uzice, Smederevo, Svilajnac, Krusevac, Apatin, Vranje, Priboj and Belgrade.

Import into and export from these zones is free of VAT, customs and clearance. If goods are produced within zone using a minimum of 50% of domestic components, they are considered to be of Serbian origin and are therefore eligible to be imported into Serbian territory or exported without customs, pursuant to free trade agreements.

For more information visit the Free Zones website HERE.

Source: Free Zones Administration, 2020