Hotel 'Podrinje': A Transformation by 'Estate Glory'

Nov 18, 2023


Banja Koviljača, November 18, 2023 – President of the Republic of Serbia, Aleksandar Vučić, visited the final stages of the renovation of the 'Podrinje' hotel in Banja Koviljača during his tour of Loznica today.



Transformed by an infusion of around 7 million euros from the Chinese firm 'Estate Glory,' the hotel has successfully propelled Banja Koviljača back into the spotlight as one of Serbia's premier tourist destinations. During his inspection of the renovations, President Vučić acknowledged the significant enhancements to the spa, which currently holds the fifth position in terms of popularity. Furthermore, he alluded to the prospect of additional, more substantial investments in the future.

The investor behind Banja Koviljača's revival is the Chinese company 'Estate Glory', with 80% owned by 'Minth Holdings Limited' and the remaining 20% by 'Long Glory Trading Limited.' With a 20-million-euro investment, the company not only refurbished the 'Podrinje' hotel but also announced the construction of a new luxurious hotel, slated to open in 2026. The second hotel will feature 80 accommodation units, built and equipped to the highest modern standards, housing multiple gastronomic units, restaurants, terraces, a congress center, and a spa with a pool and sauna.




The hotel is located on the edge of the Podrinje region, in one of Serbia's most beautiful spas. President Vučić's tour was attended by Minister of Tourism Husein Memić, representatives of the local government, and the Development Agency of Serbia.

'Podrinje' hotel comprises 43 modernly equipped accommodation units, a meeting and conference hall, a playroom, a restaurant, and a cafe-bar, as well as spa facilities including a steam bath, Finnish sauna, salt room, and a pool. Teams of designers and architects from both Serbia and China were engaged in planning and enhancing the hotel's amenities.

"Today, around 200 thousand tourists visit the spa annually, but I believe that with an increase in its capacities, the spa can easily double that number", President Vučić stated during the hotel tour, expressing expectations for further investments in Banja Koviljača.




Photo: TANJUG / Tara Radovanović


The company 'Minth' has been present in Loznica since 2018 through the business entity 'Minth Automotive Europe' and in Banja Koviljača since 2019 through the business entity 'Estate Glory', employing 1,827 workers.