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The Bosch Group is a leading global supplier of technology and services. It was founded in Stuttgart, Germany, in 1886 as a workshop for precision mechanics and electronics. In 2013, the Bosch Group generated total revenue of over 46 billion euros and employs 281,000 associates. Company operations are divided into four business sectors: automotive technology, industrial technology, consumer goods, and energy and construction technology. It comprises of more than 360 subsidiaries and regional companies in some 50 countries. Together with its sales and service partners, Bosch is represented in 150 countries.

Business in Serbia

The Bosch Group is an international leader in the field of research and development with 4.5 billion euros invested in R&D in 2013 and about 5,000 registered patents, or an average of 20 new patents every working day. Bosch has been operating in the Republic of Serbia since 1991. The Representative office in Serbia also covers the Republic of Montenegro and FYR of Macedonia. In 2006, as a result of exceptional business development, the Representative office grew to became a separate company. Robert Bosch d.o.o Srbija deals with the trade of a wide range of Bosch products, including spare parts for cars; diagnostic tools and equipment, power tools, security systems, and products in the field of thermodynamics. In 2009, Robert Bosch d.o.o Srbija established a Center for providing a wide range of services for the Bosch Group worldwide. Around 80 staff, primarily mechanical engineers, provide services such as data and product management, engineering design components of braking systems, and quality management. Within the Robert Bosch d.o.o Srbija company there is also a factory for the production of automotive components, with 22,000 square meters of production capacity, which began operations in 2012. The product range is primarily geared towards the European and then the world market. Robert Bosch d.o.o Srbija employs 380 associates.

An independent enterprise operates within the Bosch Group in Serbia as well, engaged in the trade of household appliances, with Bosch and Siemens as the dominant brands. In order to ensure competent production staff, in cooperation with GIZ (German Agency for Technical Cooperation) and the Secondary Technical School in Pecinci, and with the support of the Ministry of Education and Science of the Republic of Serbia, a project was initiated to introduce educational profile of an industrial mechanic into a school curriculum. During their education, in addition to theoretical knowledge, students will have the opportunity to gain practical technical knowledge using Bosch equipment at school and during internship at Bosch manufacturing facility. The best students will be guaranteed a job after graduation.

„The attractiveness of the location, logistics advantages, availability of skilled workforce, and a very good support of the Government of the Republic of Serbia and the local community are the main reasons why the Bosch Group decided to invest in the municipality of Pecinci and the Republic of Serbia”.

Mrs. Jovanka Jovanovic

General Manager of Robert Bosch d.o.o Srbija







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