Schneider Electric

General Information

Schneider Electric is an international company specialized in the field of energy management that offers energy efficient solutions to reduce electricity consumption, as well as technology and processes that enable achieving the same productivity or comfort with less energy. It currently employs 160,000 people in over 100 countries and has an annual turnover of 24 billion euros.

Business in Serbia

Schneider Electric has been present in the market of the Republic of Serbia since 1997, and in 2002 it opened a representative office, which now operates under the name Schneider Electric Serbia d.o.o. As part of the acquisition of the Spanish company Telvent, in 2012 Schneider Electric bought the Novi Sad based DMS Group that was founded in 2000 by a team of professors from the Faculty of Technical Sciences in Novi Sad. Schneider Electric recognized that DMS Group has a specific organization and great potential for further expansion beyond national borders. Today, Schneider Electric DMS NS employs over 1,000 experts, 30 of them with PhDs. It has a long-term cooperation with universities, power plants, manufacturers of IT equipment and IT experts worldwide. In 2013 alone, the company’s export was worth around 25 million euros.

Schneider Electric NS DMS produces software that enables big savings in power distribution and which is used today by almost all the countries in the region, as well as cities such as Philadelphia, Vancouver, Toronto and others. The American consulting company Gartner named the software as the highest quality product in the world for several consecutive years in the field of smart grid (smart grid use in the management of electrical distribution systems). The great success was repeated in 2013, at smart grid technology fair in San Diego (California, USA). Schneider Electric supplies over 70 million users through its network of 50 companies and more than 130 dispatch centers worldwide. Licensed partners have a significant place in the company’s operations. This kind of partnership is reflected in the transfer of technology between Schneider Electric development centers around the world and local companies that have the potential (technology, development, sales) to assume a part of the responsibility for creating a product and product placement.

  • employs over- 1,000
  • experts in Serbia - 30 with PhDs
  • In 2013, the company’s export was worth around 25 million euros
“Schneider Electric recognized knowledge, innovation and experience of young engineers in the Republic of Serbia and invested resources in the DMS from Novi Sad, which is now a global center of Schneider Electric research, development and production of software for optimal management of electricity distribution. Since we offer solutions for efficient energy management in different segments, from data center, across a variety of industries, buildings, DMS has complete offer in the segment of power distribution, and our efforts to become recognized as specialists in energy management has been given a new meaning.”

Mr. Dragoljub Damljanovic

General Manager, Schneider Electric Srbija d.o.o.







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