General Information

The Falke Group is an international clothing and lifestyle company headquartered in Schmallenberg, Germany. Founded in 1895, the family business is run by the 4th generation. Business activities are textile, production of legwear, sportswear and knitwear.


Business in Serbia

Falke Serbia d.o.o. began the production of legwear, primarily stockings and socks in Leskovac, Serbia in March 2012.

Investments In € 10 million
Annual turnover In € n/a
Exports In € 100%
Number of employees in Serbia 643 in 2014

For what reason have you invested in Serbia and what are your experiences so far?

Due to the increasing demand for FALKE products, Serbia was chosen as a production location for knitwear, especially for legwear (stockings, socks and tights). Because of the successful collaboration with a Yugoslav enterprise in Leskovac in the south of Serbia until 1990, this region attracted our attention thanks to the textile past and the very good local framework for our project. With remarkably good government support and local authorities a production facility was established, which will secure the leadership of FALKE in the area of legwear particularly thanks to the performance and quality of our dedicated employees.

What would you recommend other German companies which are considering to establish a production site in Serbia?

Serbia has comparably high social and labor standards. This partnership and the support from the government as well as our professional collaborations are key success factors.

Mr. Martin Nyland, CEO

Falke Serbia d.o.o.







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