Sep 27, 2017

Japanese company Yazaki opened a factory in Šabac today for the production of cable sets for Daimler trucks, in the presence of Serbian President Aleksandar Vučić.

Besides the President of Serbia, the opening was also attended by Acting Director of the Development Agency of Serbia Radoš Gazdić, Minister of Economy Goran Knežević, President of “Yazaki” Corporation Shinji Jazaki, President of “Yazaki Europe” Bo Inge Andersson, Ambassador of Japan Juichi Takahara, representative of “Daimler” Trucks company Ingo Etisher and Mayor of Šabac Nebojša Zelenović.

“Yazaki” has already hired more than 350 workers, and by the end of 2019 it plans to hire up to 1,700 workers in our country. The investment is worth approximately EUR 25 million, the total area of ​​the factory is 29,488 square meters, and the factory premises covers about seven acres in the industrial zone. Within the factory there is a production facility, offices, warehouse, canteen and health clinic.

The planned annual export is expected to be approximately EUR 120 million.

At the opening, Vučić stated that it was not easy to reach investors during a period of crisis, but that Serbia had succeeded in doing so. He said that the special value in the case of this factory is “the Japanese-German combination”. The President of Serbia has invited Japanese investors to open factories in Serbia in the upcoming years, noting that they should take other countries into consideration only after that.

Yazaki is currently the largest factory in Šabac and one of the largest greenfield investments in Serbia. Construction of the factory started last year and lasted 258 days, and since June, a Training centre for employees commenced with operations in Serbia.

Yazaki is a global company based in Japan that was established in 1929, which conducts business in about 500 locations and has more than 200 factories. It is primarily engaged in the automotive components industry, and its main activity is the production of electronic components for OEM trucks for the European market.

The largest part of the production programme refers to electronic components that are installed in motor vehicles and power transmission systems. “Yazaki” currently has production facilities in 44 countries around the world and 444 production and other locations, with close to 280,000 employees at the global level.

“Yazaki Europe” manages over 33,000 employees in 21 countries and has 18 production facilities and 5 R & D centres.