General Information

Leoni is a global supplier of wires, optical fibers, cables and cable systems as well as related development services for applications in the automotive business and other industries. The division LEONI Wiring Systems GmbH provides cable harnesses and complete wiring systems for the automotive industry, electronic solutions for automotive design, molded plastic parts and logistics concepts. Business in Serbia Since October 2009 Leoni has been producing JIT/JIS customized wiring harnesses and PU foaming in Prokuplje, Serbie.

Investments In € 17 million
Annual turnover In € 52 million in 2012
Exports In € 100%
Number of employees in Serbia 1,951 in 2012

For what reason have you invested in Serbia and what are your experiences so far?

The reason for the investment in Serbia was to manufacture bodyharnesses for our customer BMW in Germany. The experiences until now are positive, because the Serbian as well as the local government kept their promises and fulfilled the contracts which we agreed mutually. What would you recommend other German companies which are considering to establish a production site in Serbia? Our recommendation for companies which work in an environment  like ours would be to develop and to set up a detailed, step-by-step, training schedule for their employees. Also the contact to the government as well as SIEPA should be initiated in a very early stage of the project planning.

Mr. Joerg Paechnatz, CEO

Leoni Wiring Systems Southest d.o.o.